Project Stealth

Or White Van Man revisited. I have today purchased a VW Transporter. Which I shall over the next few weeks and months be converting into a Stealth Wagon for Surveilance and Doorstepping. It is a White SWB with captains chairs and two rear seats. The interior needs to be sorted, and two side windows will also be installed and fitted with a light mirror tint, so that they act as one way windows.

The Van is a late R reg put will in due course have a personalised plate fitted. The interior upgrade is going to include initially full insulation and sound proofing, complete with custom made interior panels and roof lining. The front seats will be fitted with swivel bases and eventually be replaced with either JGC leather seats or Lexus leather seats. The rear of the van will also house a couple of high output leisure batteries and a number of 12v power sockets. It will also have a 1000 watt mains inverter to power things such as a Wifi network and laptops.

One of the jobs will to also install two pop top sunroofs, which will be heavily tinted. I shall also probably fit chequer plate to the roof rack to enable it to be used as an observation platform. As well as reflecting alot of the sunlight away from the roof top, which will hopefully keep the van cooler. Check Back Soon for more updates.


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