ohh how the mighty have fallen..

There are just some things that make me smile, and today I have been smiling almost none stop. What is it? You may ask. Probably the thing that made me smile widest and longest was the fact that John Prescott was stripped of office, but he can keep his title.

Well no one else would really want to have any of his titles, two shags, two jags or two jabs. So the position of deputy prime minister is a lame duck, it’s office has no power, it’s holder has no talent. Prezzer’s career is effectively over, now I am just waiting for it to actually be over. Strip him of his grace and favour London home, reduce his pension, why should he have a great pension scheme when he hasn’t worked for it.

Another thing that really made me smile was the removal of Charles “big ears” Clarke. The thing that actually made me smile was the way in which it happened, Charles Clarke was incompetent, but the manner of his dismissal made Tony Blair look even more retarded than I thought he was.

So Clarke offered his resignation last week and his Royal Tonyness declined to accept it, then today after the Labour Party get spanked in the Local Elections he sacks the excuse of a Home Secretary.

It is slightly worrying that he has no appointed a Scottish Home Office Minister, which it has always been understood that should never happen.

So a heartfelt thank you goes out to the Great British Electorate, who stood up and showed Tony Blair that you cannot continue to lie, cheat and manipulate your way through your third term.

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