Canon WFT-E1

A little while back I ordered a WiFi transmitter pack for the EOS1 D bodies, nobody in the UK had them in stock, and Canon couldn’t or wouldn’t commit to a delivery date. I was looking forward to the challenge of setting it up with both the PDA and Powerbook.

I have spoken to a few other togs that have tried them (both the Nikon and the Canon variants) and they have mentioned that there are a few difficulties with setting them up reliably. One of the users suggested that every time there is an Security Update with OSX is throws all the settings out. However I remain cautiously optimistic that the transmitter will work with the PDA.

Well, London Camera Exchange at Guildford, where a lot of my kit is supplied called to say they had one on stock. I collected it, and paid a good price, however the bastards at Canon ship the £700 WiFi transmitter without batteries and charger, I could forgive that if it ran on rechargeable AA cells, but it uses a proprietary Canon battery, for which an additional £70 needs to be handed over to get the thing to work (OK it could be purchased for less via Ebay).

One of the principle advantages that I hope for, from the WFT is that as I will not have to remove the card from the camera on jobs, that there will be very little shooting down time. There have been several occasions when I have whipped out the card to wire some images, and just as the card is out there is a need to shoot again. Now with the 1D bodies I can use both CF and SD cards, however then you have to keep swapping between cards to download everything. I also at present do not have a Firewire SD card reader. Which means using an adaptor.

The other advantage is that the PDA will permanently have a 1gig CF card and a 1gig SD card so there should never be a problem with running out of storage space.

The WFTE-1 works perfectly with the PDA and Phojo (which now has a WiFi configurator for Nikon and Canon WiFi devices, however getting the thing to work with my lap-top is proving rather more difficult.

For the configuration guide and links to download the latest sofware use this link

This entry will be updated in the course of the next few days..

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