Motor Sports Tips and Hints Part 3

Originally Published in 2005

Getting to be a habit this is, Arrived at Thruxton on the Saturday, for qualification, I was only interested in the Super bikes, so arrived at a civilised hour, and did the qualifying session Came away with a set of pictures of each of the competitors for the British Super Bike Championship. Also the list of competitors which meant that on Saturday Evening I could prepare all of my captions in advance (it is a bit laborious but saves shed loads of time on the day) each caption contained the Riders Name, Team and Manufacturer, the date and venue as well as my contact details, and to make it easy to get the right caption each caption was saved as the number of the motorcycle to which it referred.

The images were syndicated Saturday afternoon, to the UK National Press and UK Motor sports Magazines.

Race day action was due to start on the Sunday Morning at about 0920hrs, and as the crowds were likely o be huge, I turned up early, around 0800hrs. Checked in with the media Centre and collected my Media Bib. And the most important thing at that time of the morning was a cuppa and sausage baguette (I’d tried a bacon baguette the previous week and it was the worst thing that I had ever eaten, the sausage one was much better).

So a walk about around the circuit and some of the stalls (but nothing could persuade me to part with any money) after the church break, the British Super Bikes came out for a warm up, and then the Super sports, so back to the car for a doze as nothing that was of interest to me was happening before 1300hrs.

Heat one of the Super bikes resulted in a Motorcycle leaving the track after three laps, and entering a spectator area, injuring two spectators (hey they say on the tickets motor sports is dangerous) which meant a long delay for the restart however the racing was entertaining, and the leader on the last lap waved to the crowd and was promptly passed just before the line.

The second race was equally exciting and the Championship leader John Reynolds crashed out of the race in the chicane, unfortunately had just put down the 400mm F2.8 and was doing some panning shots at the last bend of the chicane, but I managed to grab a few frames of his crash, which required a bit of pulling up.

Most of the time I was shooting on the 400mm and the balance was done with the 70-200mm, from the inside of the chicane you don’t need anything much longer to get nice tight panning shots of the bikes leaning right over.

The picture left is is taken at the last bend of the chicane, just before the start finish straight on a 70-200

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