British Super Bikes

After a couple of days of shooting at the BSB at Thruxton, I have a quite a few frames that need sorting out, but firstly just a couple of words about the BSB itself.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Super Bikes over the last couple of years and Thruxton usually provides some really competitive racing, it is the fastest BSB track, and Neil Rutter was clocked through one of the speed traps at a shade over 200 miles per hour.

Now I personally think that is quick in a car or for that matter a light aircraft, but on a motorcycle that is positively insane. The surface at Thruxton is also one of the grippiest, and abrasive, which means that the BSB riders can put in some incredibly quick lap times whilst their tyres are working well, later in the race, it can become a bit of a lottery. As one rider (actual several found out, but I only had frames of one of the incidents).

But this week-end was a bit processional, the Airwave Ducatis absolutely ran away with the races with Leon Haslam and Lavilla finishing one and two in the first race and then having their positions in the second reversed. Which meant that watching for action was largely restricted to the lower order runners. For me the second race of the two was the most entertaining, primarily because of the sequence of images of a crash, whilst we don’t wish it on anyone, it is those pictures that tend sell. Even as I type this the emails are going out to all the daily papers sports desks of Lavilla celebrating and Billy McConnell crashing out, it remains to be seen if we get any ‘makes’.

Pretty pictures of the bikes banked into a corner are all a bit same old,

Motor racing is a fantastic spectator sport, no matter which format you follow, but the one thing about the Bikers that follow BSB, you couldn’t possibly meet a nicer bunch, either in the circuit itself, or on roads leaving the venue after the race meet. It was also a pleasure to meet a couple of professional colleagues at the racing, and an old friend from a few years back. Well that’s it for motor racing now, until the BTCC meet in June.

4 thoughts on “British Super Bikes

  1. Quality shots of no.16 coming of the bike, hope he was ok. Paul was that taken with the sigma 120-300 or the 500mm??

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