Jesus Wept….

How out of touch with reality are the Church of England and it’s followers? Easter Sunday is the last day of the year (except Christmas Day) that retailers are not allowed to open. The Archbishop of London was on TV and in the face of all the evidence said, “Nobody wants the shops to open on Easter Sunday” Well, you genius! So retailers are nobody? So I am nobody? The 40% of the population that use retailers on a Sunday are nobody?

Ever felt the need to grab some milk, bacon, eggs, the Sunday Papers, on a Sunday? Then you too are guilty in the eyes of the church of not treating Sunday with due reverence.

Easter is special only to religious people, to everyone who live in the real world; it is just another bank holiday. Some twat is claiming that the lives of people are being ruined by opening shops on Sundays, now I appreciate that shop workers may get a bit of a bum deal, but ruining lives on the basis of one day, get real.

By the same token my life is being ruined by the happy clappy brigade every Sunday, when they ring their church bells and park their cars in front of my house. I say ban churches on a Sunday, it is a day of rest, why should I be woken up by the horrible sound of Church bells peeling out, when I have a hangover?

Surely by the same token we should close the shops on the days that other religions hold sacred. Surely we should shut shops on the Sabbath, surely they should close pubs during the hours that Muslims need to pray, close down the UK on Hanukkah, Shut up shop on Ramadan, not sure what to suggest for the Jedi’s amongst us, maybe May the 4th should be a Golf free Zone!

No wonder hardly anyone goes to church any more, it was bad enough when the clergy spouted just the bullshit that is the Bible, now they are spouting bullshit to suit their own political agenda.

Do they really think that closing the shops on Easter Sunday is going to increase the numbers in their congregations? If they do, they are even more deluded than I thought, I (and many people that I know) would rather stick my hands down the soil pipe that needs unblocking, than sit in a church and hear some deaf old twat preaching at me, when you know full well that after church he will be preying on small boys. The Church held sway through hundreds of years, they influenced our daily lives, the church kept the poor subjugated, afraid of the wrath of god if we didn’t live up to the standards expected by the church, all the while they lived like Kings, in splendid palaces, shagging small boys. Henry VIII had the right idea, bollox to the churches.

I had a job to do a few weeks ago, on a Sunday, outside a church, looking for a paedophile, it is no wonder the church is dying, and the average age of the congregation was 150 years old. The youngest was around 85. Who wants to sit in a room, with 20 people who stink of Ralgex and Urine?

Easter Bank Holiday is boring, kids have two weeks off school for Easter, and by the time they get to Easter they are bored, the weather is not good enough for them to spend huge amounts of time outside playing; for adults the bank holiday week end is boring, for husbands and fathers it means tidying up the garden, doing DIY jobs around the house, all sorts of boring shite.

The Church should do what it is best at, which is….. Actually I don’t know what they are best at, they can’t attract people to their organisation, they can’t afford to maintain their churches, and they can’t even stop their priests and vicars from being kiddie fiddlers.

Ohh I know what they are good at. Sending doddery old farts to Iraq, who then needs the expertise of the British Army and the SAS to rescue them. How deluded is Kember, “Oh I wasn’t fully aware of the risks of going to Iraq” You twat, going into a war zone, where westerners are hated by just about everybody!! They won’t ask if you are peace activist, they will look at the colour of your skin and decide that you are an infidel and a lap dog of his Tonyness or the retard that is the President of the US.

“I thought about committing suicide” No you didn’t you lying twat, it is completely against your religious beliefs, you are either devoutly Christian or you think about suicide.

And say thank you to your saviours, the very special men of the SAS, not Jesus. To be honest, the SAS should have left him; it would be one less deluded coffin-dodger in the UK. As for the Iraqis, they don’t want peace, they are never happier than when they are blowing themselves or each other up. More Iraqis have killed Iraqis since the end of the War than were killed by the coalition forces. That said; Americans probably killed more Americans and Brits during the war than the Iraqis did.

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