Jesus Wept….

How out of touch with reality are the Church of England and it’s followers? Easter Sunday is the last day of the year (except Christmas Day) that retailers are not allowed to open. The Archbishop of London was on TV and in the face of all the evidence said, “Nobody wants the shops to open on Easter Sunday” Well, you genius! So retailers are nobody? So I am nobody? The 40% of the population that use retailers on a Sunday are nobody?

Ever felt the need to grab some milk, bacon, eggs, the Sunday Papers, on a Sunday? Then you too are guilty in the eyes of the church of not treating Sunday with due reverence.

Easter is special only to religious people, to everyone who live in the real world; it is just another bank holiday. Some twat is claiming that the lives of people are being ruined by opening shops on Sundays, now I appreciate that shop workers may get a bit of a bum deal, but ruining lives on the basis of one day, get real.
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