Suffering for my art

Well, they do say another year older, another year wiser, I think I will make do with just another year older. Woke up this morning with a thumping hang over, It serves me right really. I must try to remember that I am not in my twenties any more and that a night on the town takes a little longer now to recover from.

I do recall someone once saying (it may well have been me) that a Aspirin and lots of water, before going to bed was good for a hangover. I was completely wrong of course. That is bad for a hangover. What’s good for a hangover is lots of beers and a few large whiskeys the night before. Unnngh I feel rough. The only good thing that I can think of is at least Kiera Knightly will also be enjoying a good birthday hangover, and it will propably have cost her a lot more money than me. Happy Birthday KK.

Strange week, this week has been funny jobs and strange hours, and it’s not in the bag which is a bit of a pain, so probably more of the same next week.


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