Eat my dust

One of the things that really makes me laugh when browsing amateur photography forums, and it really doesn’t matter which one you go to, is the number of idiots that whinge about dust on digital imaging sensors. Now my kit gets used fairly heavily, it is outside in all conditions, it regularly sits on the rear seat of the car, without caps.

Yet in the 8 or 9 years that I have been using digital SLRs I have never had a problem with dust. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally have to clean dust off the sensors in my cameras, just that I don’t have a problem with it. When I used to work in a professional darkroom, dust used to irritate the shit out of me. Simply because there were so many opportunities for dust to get into the process.

The areas that dust can get into the imaging process were when the film was in the camera, whilst the film was being loaded (especially if using a changing bag), in the darkroom itself when processing, in the film dryer, and then on the film whilst printing, or the glass slides.

There are so many stages that dust can get involved, in fact I had a film processed by a lab the other week, and even though the film spent less than 5 minutes in the open, by the time I got to scanning it, it was covered in dust spots. Now with digital imaging there is only the one place that needs to ever be cleaned, the sensor.

Yet some of these paranoid idiots completely lose the plot, they seem to think it is a deliberate ploy by manufacturers to raise revenue for cleaning sensors. Claiming that dust is Canons fault, or that Nikon should design cameras so that dust doesn’t occur, how retarded must you be? There was one fellow recently was planning on selling all of his Canon aquipment because of dust on the sensor, well I suggest that he should sell all of his camera equipment, and go and live in a bubble, if a little dust troubles him that much, there is something fundamentally wrong with him.

The only other alternative is to stop shedding skin cells, every time you move, for example to change lenses you are sloughing off millions of cells of dead skin, which is what an awful lot of dust consists of. Do you keep the cameras in the bedroom? The dustiest room in the house? It doesn’t matter how house proud you may be, dust is fact of life.

Same to all the other twats that whinge about Canon dropping the RRP (or the SRP whatever) a week after they purchased a camera. IT WAS DELIBERATE, Canon had nothing better to do than wait until you took delivery of your shiny new EOS400D and then slashed the price, because they knew it would piss you off.

A message to all the losers who hope that by posting on forums about an Canon EOS 3D with a 22 megapixel, 8 frames per second 100 frame buffer digital SLR for £150 is going to make it happen any time soon. Quit posting your wish list, every other member of every photographic forum has done it before. Not only that, both Nikon and Canon executives read every single one of your posts, and are ignoring what you want, just to spoil your day, they will continue to offer what is financially and technically viable, because that is what good business is about.

Instead of whinging about what Canon and Nikon can/could/should or would do, get on with your hobby (or profession) and take pictures, enjoy the modern technology, If you are still waiting for a digital SLR, that is high speed, full frame and high resolution with interchangeable lenses for £150, then stop, go and get yourself a better paid job, that will enable you to allocate a bigger budget to your hobby. If you can’t do that then just stop filling cyberspace with your pathetic little wishes and wants.

Other forum users that irritate the shit out of me is the fools that feel they have to list every single peice of equipment that they own in their signature, what is the point, it’s not jewelry, it is not a status symbol, it’s photographic equipment. It also makes searching the forum difficult if you wish to search for information on a specific bit of kit. You look for info on an EOS1DS mk II and the first search result is for some retard that owns one, whinging about how bad his wifes cooking is. Real useful.

Recognise any of these traits in any of the posts you have made on the Internet? Well get a life, don’t get upset with me, it’s the Internet, it is not that important.


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