Another Day another Dollar

Whilst I was on a celeb watch in Surrey the other day I had a phone call from a friend of mine who had witnessed a prang involving a posh motor with a celebrity on board. A bit of rooting about and investigating, followed by a couple of phone calls and a lot of running around, talking to witnesses and the such like we managed to put something together.

Anyway, the Celeb was none other than Cameron Diaz, who is over here filming “The Holiday” at the moment along with Jude Law and Kate Winslett. Justin Timberlake flew in on Friday, the day of the accident (they are staying in a hotel close to where I live, but covering it is a nightmare).

Cameron was in the front passenger seat of an agency car, which was hit by a Pheasant whilst heading to the film set in Shere Village. Hitting a pheasant at something like 70mph (possibly more) is enough to smash the laminated front windscreen, so a second car had to be called to complete the journey.

Fair play to the driver, getting a face full of fat bird is bad enough on a Saturday night after a few lagers and a Chicken Tikka Phaal, but on a Friday going to work, doesn’t bare thinking about.

There was no filming today (Saturday), so no chance of a today picture of the lovely Cameron unfortunately, however the crash pics and the story were just enough to get it in the paper. So the day was spent mostly sitting either in Godalming (or Godawfulminging as it is known) and Shere (Sherehell) drinking tea at Sawyers (renamed for the filming), or at the Lucky Duck Cafe. Which co-incidentally I did a story about some years back when a duck made it’s nest in the Window Box outside the cafe, mere feet from the main road.

Let this be a lesson to you all, if you witness something always have a disposable Point and shoot camera in the car or a cheap digital, give me a call, if it is anything interesting you could make yourself a very tidy drink. For the sake of a couple of snaps. Obviously, this has to involve a celebrity of some note or someone who is flavour of the month.

Hangtud sa sunod panahon

PS. This was not published on Saturday, but held over until the Sunday Papers had gone to bed and it was too late for them to pinch it, except from the first editions.

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