Bloody Apple Resellers!

_pfs4826What is it with Apple Mac Resellers? In particular Cancom, ( I recently purchased a spare power-supply for the mac PowerBooks, (it was actually for my old Titanium Book, which lives at home most of the time). However after a couple of months it failed, Initially I thought that it was my mains inverter, so whilst in North London, I purchased yet another replacement.

Today, I returned the failed unit to Cancom, in Kensington. Only to be told that they would send it away. I questioned why the hell would I want it sent away, it is a power-supply, not a computer, I don’t want it repaired, I want it replaced.

They said that they don’t replace power-supplies, Apple have to do it. After a few choice words, I explained that I am a press photographer and being with out a power supply for the laptop is unacceptable. They should replace the power supply and get Apple to send them a replacement.

Eventually, they relented and swapped the power supply, rather than swapping the box, they swapped the transformer part of it. How ludicrous.

I have for many years recommended Cancom, however, if they are going to persist with the kind of attitude that they displayed today, I shall not recommend them any more.

Whilst I am venting my spleen on retailers, there is another thing that seriously hacks me off. It is bad enough in McDonalds, with the “Do you want fries with that?” No I don’t want fries, If I wanted fries I’d ask for Fries.

But now my local BP Garage on the A4 at Hamersmith is starting to do the same thing. I recently stopped on a the way home for a brew and a steak slice, I get to the counter to pay, and I get the Spanish inquisition; “Would you like a cinnamon bun?” No thank you, “Would you like to Large it?” No, “do you have a nectar card?” No If I had, I would have given it to you, “Any Fuel?” NO just let me pay and feck off.

Ser deg senere


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