There are some days….

_pfs4826> When you start something and then really wish that you hadn’t bothered. Having acquired the appropriate URL for the Tog’s Blog, I set about moving the Blog. Simple task you’d have thought. Well, after farting about with mySQL for an hour and a half to export the data and then modify the data that points specifically to the old URL, and other fiddling about I have eventually managed it.

I had also planned on putting together a PDA blog, (exactly the same, but with smaller images and with smaller columns for the text content, but still using the same database back end for the text, simple you would have thought. Well for the moment it has defeated me, but I will try again.

However as you three (and me) are the only ones that read it, it may not be worthwhile. It will prove a useful exercise though as it would make sense to do it for the Forum and the main websites.

We shall see. Tomorrow will be spent in the studio and at the desktop writing the review for the Phojo Software, so when I get bored I shall no doubt start fiddling about with the Blog.

Auf Wiedersehen


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