I’m in love again

The concept of the Pocket PC, still really appeals (as mentioned a couple of posts ago), but it is hampered by the involvement of Microsoft (with my Windoze Mobile 2003 version). Anyway, it appears that I am not the only one that thinks that MS cannot design an operating system; it would appear that Fujitsu-Siemens also agree, as I have found a great add-on (it is actually included, but wasn’t installed on my machine).

It is Specifically written for the Loox, although I would imagine that each Pocket PC manufacturer has done it as well. Called Connect Mobility, it prevents the OS from needing manage connections, something that it handles rather well.

Rather better than Connect Mobility, is Phojo. Had a proper play with it today, and the biggest compliment that I can pay, is, IT WORKS, and pretty flawlessly too. I have yet to use it in anger, but essentially what it enables me to do is, having tagged the images in-camera, I transfer the CF card to the Loox’s built in CF card slot, and the Phojo takes over. It reads the tagged Jpegs, it sharpens, it resizes, captions and then either Batch FTPs them to a predetermined address, or batch emails them. All this; either via your mobile phone GPRS (or GSM) or via a WiFi network. If you need to do more then you can do them individually and manually wire them.

The Loox has about 12 hours of battery life, substantially more than any laptop, and it boots up in a second or two. The only concern is that I will need a portable backup machine to store images on, if I am rotating cards, unless I remember to un-tag the earlier selected pics, otherwise I can see myself wiring the same images several times. So the process will be, Shoot, Phojo, backup to iPod, format card and shoot again. Unless anyone can think of a better idea.

It has been a while since I was last truly impressed by a bit of technology, but this is for me, the best thing since sliced glass (as Hoya used to advertise).

Unlike the old Tango Advertisements, “You know when you’ve been tango’d” as a press photographer, you may never know that you’ve been Phojo’d. So all stringers and freelancers, spread the word of Phojo, but keep it a secret from Big.

Slán go fóill

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