Not enough Hours

Made it home this evening to find that the postie had been and delivered the light seal replacement kit that I ordered from the states a few days ago, damned that was quick. and thought that I would take a look at replacing the light seals and mirror dampers on the Canon bodies that I have.

First up was to replace the light traps on the rear door, the worst bit was scraping the gooey mess that the old light seals had turned into from the door hinge area, a quick clean up with Isopropanol and we were ready to rock, cut the new seals to size, put in place with a pair of tweezers, jobs a good’un!

Then the rear seals that the door slots into, a bit of a fiddle to get all the old gunk out, but the new ones went in, in about 30 seconds.

Then to the mirror box, scrap out the remains of the old foam, cut to size and replace. The back of my 20 something year old AE-1 now seals up a treat, and it may be my imagination, but the mirror box seems a little quieter than it was, but I but I probably shouldn’t be surprised the old foam was quite compacted.

So only another 5 or so bodies to do, which I shall hopefully get done at the weekend and then I will be reeling out my next stock excuse, for not getting on with the film based project.

Good news is I have sold the old EF 400mm F2.8 L as I simply don’t use it often enough to justify having it knocking about in the boot of the car, the last time I used it I think, was the Justice for Fathers demonstration on the top of the Millennium Wheel.

Prolites should hopefully be here at the weekend; I am also looking at a couple of others and a couple of soft boxes. Then all I need to do is order the cabin. Ohh and I had better do my VAT return this weekend, So not much to do on my one day off then!



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