My Worst Week

Actually it was not my worst week, the TV program featured Chris Evans (or a reasonable facsimile of him) during the weeks up to his sacking from Virgin Radio.

As I was the only photographer to get photographs of him arriving at his mansion in Surrey on the day that he was sacked, I was invited by Brighter Productions to appear in the program and give a Press Photographers perspective on the events during that final week.

The Show was shown on BBC2 (Ohh very high brow!) and sold with worldwide rights for the series that also featured George Michael and his love for the Police affirming incident.

Huge Grunt (Hugh Grant) with his Devine inspiration and a couple of other celebs caught with either their hand somewhere it shouldn’t be or other such compromising situations.

A couple of frames from the program are shown, however, I felt that the  shot of my arse didn’t add anything to this page so I have left it off.  And hey, look I am so cool I even keep my Raybans when on a shoot.

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