You Gotta Love Ebay

I was watching and toying with buying a Canon FDn 50mm Macro, for no real reason, I just kinda fancied one, preferrably in nice collectable condition. Anyway, as I was watching two, one with a buy it now price of £59.99, complete with FD25 extension tube, boxed instructions and in tip top order, and another up for a regular auction, just the lens and extension tube.

The auction one went for just under a hundred quid (not bad as I have seen them in shops at £159) however no one picked up on the Buy it Now one, So I did.

Result!! as I usually like to shout in somebody’s face, I just know that one of you gits is going to tell me of a mint, unused one sitting in a charity shop window, that you got for a fiver, I just know it.

Cheers, I am outa here!


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