George Best a Eulogy…Not!!

This is from a while back

What is it with George Best? A little yellow man, with an un-intelligible accent, stinking of wee (OK alcohol). And why does his disastrous love life (OK flaccid shag fest) have to be played out in my time?

So George Best is back on the booze, and also back on the blondes, having been kicked out of the marital home by the attractive Alex.

He has run to the arms of another blonde (but nothing like as classy) Gina Devivo who claims that the pregnancy that she lost recently was George’s love-child, (surely that should Georges drunken fumble child or George’s knee trembler child, or maybe even George’s result of casual f*ck in the back of his Mini).

Yes he drives a Mini, when he can remember where he parked it (I think he’s on his seventh Mini this year if you happen to find one abandoned with the number plate G1 8EST please let him know as it has cost almost as much as this weeks bar bill in lost Mini’s).

A few weeks ago I was out with a couple of other snappers, at Georges lovely family home (except that it has never had anything like a family in it) when George goes ape shit and threatens a snapper, now he was backed up by his gardener who was a mountain of a man. The snapper he threatened, he originally thought was on his own, is a short chap but fairly stocky (in fact he is ex-Para) so he barrels over and shouts ‘You’ve f*cked up my life, you ruined my life’.

Well excuse me George! You were the knob who shagged for Northern Ireland; you were the alcoholic that poured enough Jameson Whisky down your throat to give a platoon of men liver failure. You were the Tw@ that got involved with a gold digger who sold her story. Accept the fact that you screwed your own life into the shambles that it now is.

During the on going saga that is the goldfish bowl life of Bestie (Don’t mention Goldfish Bowl he’ll think it’s a cocktail), we did a follow of him and Alex Best (his wife, but you wouldn’t know it) down to the Health Farm in Liphook were he was to be ‘de-toxing’. It was a bit of a farce, three photographers, and a motorcycle, admittedly I guessed where they were going so followed from in front, so what does the footballing legend do, after trying to get Alex to lose us, they go to a pub for lunch prior to drying out. Good boy George (expletive deleted).

I park up in the pub car park, and this shambling mumbling drunken tosser staggers up to the car and tries to have a go. Anyway unsuccessful in this attempt to intimidate this snapper he staggers off to the pub garden to where his wife is waiting.

Well, today George has been caught out again shagging Gina Devivo, he had gone to ground after having allegedly smashed up his family home, a was tracked down by the UK press. Gina spent the best part of the day shouting out of the window ‘get a life, why don’t you go home’, this council estate peroxide minger seemed to think that it make us go away; go figure!

Anyway about 16:00hrs a car turns up delivering medication (first clue that George is still there) a blacked out taxi arrives and parks outside the house (clue two), Peroxide minger steps up the ‘verbal’ (clue three). A prial of clues that’s enough for us. Half an hour later out comes ‘wee yellow man’, and gets in the taxi. BINGO, OK so he has sold up his story to the Mail on Sunday, but there is enough for just about everyone else to run a spoiler.

Ohhh and George that liver you have is ours, funded by the National Health Service, if you can’t look after it then I am sure that we can think of a deserving case to receive it.

George get a life! Gina the minger, stop shagging OAP football has-beens, and you won’t find us outside your house.

Now the statement about his unintelligible accent is nothing to do with the fact that he comes from Northern Ireland (my wife comes from Lisburn) it is the fact that he is a p*ssed up muppet who lives on a different planet.

What pees me off is how long this has been going on for. The picture left was taken the first time he fell off the wagon on July 2001, and Alex ran home to mummy. The sooner that George gives up his battle with the booze and succumbs to the fact that he is a terminal p*sshead, a billy-no-mates (unless he is getting the round in) the better. However Alex Best is not a lot better, what goes on in wedlock should stay in wedlock. Alex sold her story of married hell with George, luckily for her, he was probably pissed that he thought it was a pretty good review.

STOP PRESS. In today’s Sun, it is revealed that George Best was robbed of£2,000 by a couple of hookers in a hotel in London, and Geoff Stelling came up with a great reason for him not appearing on Sky Sports today (29/11/03) ‘apparently this morning he wasn’t feeling too (two) grand’.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that George Best is an anagram of ‘Go get beers ‘

Anyhow I am off for a beer,

Mbae mi lukem yu


8 thoughts on “George Best a Eulogy…Not!!

  1. you are wankers for doing that to george best now hes dead what you going to do you should stop taking pictures of his family and humillateing them in the papers leave them alone

  2. Are you some kind of retard? Strangely enough it is a eulogy (of sorts) which generally occurs after you are dead, I did wonder why he didn’t move much when I last photographed him! Oh no, that was because he was pissed as a twat.

    For your information the only one member of his family that gets photographed, is Callum, and we don’t make him look a twat, he does that on his own.

    I’d suggest that you fuck off now, because it is a little late for retards to be playing on computers, there are all sorts of strange men on the net, who’d like to be your friend. They usually pick on the stupid retards that are easily reeled in.

    So as quick as quick can, turn of the ‘puter and hide under the duvet, then nasty Mr. Ring Stretcher woun’t find you.

  3. you tosser you have no idea what you are talkingg about you dont know gina , geiorge or even where your arse is its moved to your head yes get a life tosspot ands leave well alone what you dont know

  4. Excuse me? You illiterate twat, if you have nothing of consequence or interest to say, I’d suggest that you fuck off and get a life. Because the one that you have is clearly worthless.

    You seem like the best possible argument for selective termination after birth.

    Did you mum have any children that made survived birth without any mental deficiencies?

    Never mind, I bet your mum said you were special, and she didn’t mean it in a nice way!

  5. Its hard to speak of George Best without relating to his self abuse,and women abuse of course. He has not become a footballer who drank,He has become a drinker who played football.A fool and his money is easliy parted,and God knows he had expert help.Akex,a hero thats no the word I,d use. How could any healthy youn woman get involved with a jaundiced drunken old man.But I guess it pays off in the end
    And of course ther is the expert vulture son who will turn either way for a quid.The training from Mom paid off.

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  7. whoever wrote this article is a fucking dickhead! this is coming from a 16 year old boy, i know gina and her family very well and she is far from ‘council estate peroxide minger’ and she loved him so shut the fuck up you stupid cunts!!

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